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ant bite sting pic Ant Bites & Stings: Treatment

You may have been bitten or stung by ants. Ant bites from ordinary ants do not create a significant threat to humans. However there may be a specific cases where ants can cause damage to people or property. Consider the notorious fire ant.

Fire ants are known to be very aggressive and attack without warning. Not only do fire ants destroy farm equipment, electrical systems, and land, but they also pose a serious health threat.

Fire ants attack and stings are caused by their sensitivity to movement or vibration. This explains why children are always at risk of acquiring stings from fire ants on outdoors. Fire ants crawl up arms or legs and sting at the slightest sign of movement.

Fire Ant Sting Complications

Just like any other insect bites and stings, people are concerned about possible allergic reactions to fire ant stings. Some symptoms related to severe reactions include sweating, thickening of the tongue, and shortness of breath. Fire ant stings should be left in tact and cleaned to avoid secondary infection.

Fire Ant Treatment

No specific treatment is required for fire ant stings. However, if certain symptoms exist, medical attention may be necessary.

For ordinary local fire ant stings, it is recommended that you apply cold compressions or take oral antihistamines. Anti-inflammatory products such as Corticosteroids are also beneficial for mild irritations.

If you do have multiple fire ant stings, oral corticosteroid may be necessary to stop an allergic reaction.

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Ant Bite & Sting Prevention

Communities, especially in the USA, have constantly searched for ways to eradicate fire ants. Some household tips that can help you prevent fire ant stings:

1. Avoid applying strongly scented lotions and wearing brightly colored apparel. Fire ants tend to approach strong scents.
2. Consult local pesticide professionals to evaluate infestations in or around your home.
3. Wear socks and close-toed shoes when walking outdoors.
4. Keep easy access to insecticides for use.
5. Be aware of fire ant nests around garbage cans, attics, bushes, and eating areas.

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